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CBSe Yerba Mate tea 500g - Produced in Argentina

CBSe Yerba Mate tea 500g - Produced in Argentina

CBSe Yerba Mate tea 500g - Produced in Argentina

CBSé YERBA MATE TEA 500g - Produced in Argentina

The varieties are:

Guarana Energy - Yerba Mate, pennyroyal, lemon verbena, guarana extract, natural flavour (guarana)Orange - Yerba Mate, natural flavour orangeForest Fruits - Yerba Mate, rose-hip, natural flavour (mixed berries)Slimming Siluet - Yerba Mate, pennyroyal, rosehip, sweet briar, fennel, fucus, mint, lemon verbena, boldo, apple flavouring

Yerba Mate Info

Yerba Mate is a type of tea, made from dried leaves and stems from a Yerba Mate plant. It is much gentler than coffee on the stomach.

It is an important, common social practice in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, eastern Chile, southern Bolivia and Brazil. Drinkers in these countries usually share the mate, each taking turns to drink, with one person serving from a flask. Sharing Mate 'mateando' is a time sit and chat with friends and family.

Yerba Mate contains a compound similar to caffeine called "matteina" and will definitely keep you going!

Yerba Mate Health Benefits

Aids Weight LossIt is thermogenic, and increases the rate at which fat is burned. It also surpresses the appetite and makes you feel fullAntioxidantHelps to "mop up" free radicals - new research shows many antioxidants can be found in Yerba MateStimulates the body and mindStrengthens the heartReduces wrinklesAids digestionBoosts the immune systemAnti-inflammatoryLowers blood pressureAids memory and concentration

Contains vitamins and minerals including:Vitamin CPotassiumThiamine (B1)Riboflavin (B2)CaroteneTheobromineTheophyllineTrigelline

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