1985 BMW 318i E30 manual sedan

1985 BMW 318i E30 manual sedan

Looking to sell this five-speed manual, Burgundy E30 318i Sedan.


Purchased at the start of 2018 with a view to turning it into an autocross car. Most of the way there – in fact, you could compete in it right now – however some life changes indicate it’s best to pass this onto someone else to enjoy at my expense!


The car was fished out of a paddock (where it had sat for several years) and offered to me with good history including an original service book that showed it was pre-purchase inspected by BMW Australia. This indiscates it may have been a BMW company fleet vehicle when new.


You can see the paint isn’t great, with much of the clear coat baked off in the sun. Underneath the paint, the body is pretty straight with no real rust issues (there is some surface oxidation in places, eg. under where the jack lived in the boot.

The dash is also cracked in several places, and the radio system has been removed to leave a hole for auxiliary gauges to be installed. 


It’s a rear disc brake car with the larger-diameter front struts and 'standard' suspension (it was specified with the sport suspension delete option), so it rides higher and was perfect for my application). Manual steering, had A/C but removed.


Stuff I have done/have had done since:

-        Added alloy ‘bottlecap’ wheels and new tyres to replace the steelies

-        Slotted front brake rotors, rebuilt calipers and new brake pads

-        Lots of hoses, bushes and fuses

-        Stripped most of interior out (no rear seats, headliner, carpet, rear door trims etc)

-        New exterior badges

-        New gearshift inner cover and gear knob

-        New air filter, oil filter and fuel filter

-        New fuel pumps

-        All new lubricants

-        New plugs and leads

-        New Bosch AFM

-        Locked differential

-     Electrically-operated radiator fan

-     Tow points, secondary bonnet catches and fire extinguisher added


I also have an E46 ‘purple tag’ rack, spacers and E36 tie rod ends to make the popular steering rack upgrade relatively straightforward (for additional cost). 


With the new AFM the car pulls well and is quite fun to drive on the road with good throttle response and a willing mid-range. Given all the weight out of it, it’s faster than you'd think, too. 

It has central locking and the electric mirrors still work. It has what appears to be the original steel spare with period Michelin tyre.


Currently on VIC club reg, the car will be sold unregistered.

Can be inspected in Mulgrave, just contact via to arrange a viewing. For specific images feel free to contact me.

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